Guest Comic by Buttersafe

This comic is actually an incredibly deep metaphor about society's intellectual regression.
Buttersafe is my favorite comic. I have a habit of being hyperbolic about this kind of thing, but right now I mean it like I've never before. Buttersafe is the best comic on the internet. It inspired me to start my own webcomic, and really all I want out of this webcomics game is to one day be as good as them. But alas, I know that to be an impossible dream. When I read Buttersafe I feel like I'm reading the golden age of a comic's history, but then I realize this golden age was always in place, is still going, and is not likely to ever stop. I would link to my favorite Buttersafe comics right now, but if I did I would be linking you people to at least 90% of their entire archive. Getting a guest comic from these guys, who by the way are Ray Castro and Alex Culang, is on par with the highest honor I could receive as the small-time webcomic creator that I am. If you are not familiar with Buttersafe and think I'm blowing things out of proportion here, I challenge you to read some of their archive and still disagree with me. You will never regret it.

So maybe you guys are sick of guest comics by now. Well, good news and bad news. Good news, I'm more or less out of 'em. Bad news, I'm not done with my huge project yet, so regular comics will not resume for a little while yet. I still have some outstanding guest comic invitations, so there might be one or two more coming down the pipes, but probably not. I promise I'll finish my project and get back to doing this as soon as I can. It shouldn't be more than a couple weeks, honestly. I will put updates about how the project is going on Twitter, if that is something you care about.