The Favor (Story)

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Hello everyone, I'm back. Sorry for the hiatus, regular updating will now resume. I've spent the last 3 months working very hard on the above comic (and many months previous to that researching the comic medium), which I do hope you like. I feel it's worth noting that this is not a comedy, in fact it's a tragedy. This was the main reason it was archived in this out-of-the-way way, so as to not contrast so sharply with this main archive, which is for the most part comedic. But yeah, I wanted to write a big write-up about this project but I don't think you'd be that interested. So I guess if there's anything you'd like to know in particular, feel free to just email me about it. I also just did this giant research project on story comics, so if you have any questions about that I could try to field those, too. It's a cool subject that I'd love to talk about, at the very least.

On a different subject, attentive readers may have noticed this site got hit with malware multiple times over the hiatus. I sincerely apologize for letting that happen. To my knowledge the problem has been dealt with completely, and I hope it never comes up again. But if it does, we'll be ready.