Guest Comic by Stuart Taylor

Walking around waving huge wads of cash in people's faces is one of the many advantages to having the name "Megabucks".
Stuart Taylor is one half of the dream team behind Chain Bear. He does it along side his wife (awwww, how sweet), Lauren. While the above comic was made solely by Stuart, I'm assuming it comes from Chain Bear as a whole, so let me tell you a little bit about it. I like to think of Chain Bear as a newspaper comic that doesn't have to worry about any little kids reading it. It's funny in that biting, sometimes racy, take-no-prisoners kind of way. The only flaw in this comparison of Chain Bear to newspaper comics is that Chain Bear is good. They're also one of those comics that make it look effortless to be funny. You see Chain Bear and think "Wow, this is great! I bet I could do this!" and then you actually try to do it and you think "Holy hell this is insanely difficult! How in the world do Stuart and Lauren make this look so easy? Are they magic!?" The only real down side to Chain Bear is that the subjects of their jokes are often topical, so if you haven't been reading it as it goes, maybe the joke doesn't hit its full impact (also, get with the times, punk). So basically, you should have been reading it already, but if you haven't been, at least go get caught up now so you're not laughed at anymore. Although fair warning, Chain Bear definitely has some crude content, so brace any sensibilities you may have.