Guest Comic by Justin Boyd

I hope there is at least one doctor in real life who has a uniform like that.
I honestly think I don't have any readers who are unacquainted with Left-Handed Toons. They are consistently hilarious, whimsical, and amazing. They are so good you cannot even believe it's made by just one person. And it's good that you don't believe that, because that's false. It's made by two people. Today's guest comic is from one half of the duo, Justin Boyd. Justin's comics are something of an enigma. On one hand, his drawing style is simpler than even mine, but on the other hand he is able to utilize that style to create comics of a caliber far beyond anything you would expect from stick figures. To get right to the point, his stuff is always great. But that's not all, in addition to Left-Handed Toons, he is also half of another comic called Draw Until It's Funny. I strongly recommend you peruse both.

In more self-centered news, some guys decided to make a Drawing Board Reader for the Apple App Store. I lack any sort of App-capable Apple product, so I have no idea what it's like, but I would bet it's good. So if this is something you've ever wanted, well, you're in luck. If you are reading this on an Apple product (if it gets these comments, it might not), then you are already ahead of the game.