Guest Comic by Sanjay Kulkarni

She doesn't ever risk falling in love, because if she gets her heart broken and starts crying, the salt in her tears will cause the snails to shrivel up and die.
Today marks the start of a pretty long period of guest comics. You may remember me mentioning a certain project I was doing. (PS: That notice is now void, thanks everyone for your help.) Well that project's taking up 100% of the comic drawing time I will have for some time to come, so while I'm working on it, it's guest comic time. On the bright side this means pretty damn regular updates.

I really don't know who else I could have had do my first every guest comic other than Sanjay Kulkarni. I don't know how much I could say about Sanjay without losing your interest, so let's just boil it down to the fact that he's amazingly funny, incredibly nice, and smart enough to be a doctor. He was my first real webcomics colleague, and I don't think I will ever meet a better one. (No offense, other webcomics people.) I think anyone out there who has ever wanted to laugh owes it to themselves to read some of his comics.

(By the way, Sanjay's comic utilizes a character from an old comic you may not remember.)