Please feel free to contact me for any
reason at any of the following:

Connor (at) DrawingBoardComic (dot) com


I don't check the email often because it
kind of stresses me out. You're better off trying to reach
me through Twitter. Or tracking me down in real life.

Here's some answers to some questions that
have been asked more than once:

Will you put my comic in your links section?
Only if I really, really like it.

I want to make a film adaptation of one
of your comics. You cool with that?

I am cool with an adaptation of one of my
comics into any art medium under the following
conditions: that your adaptation not be used
for commercial purposes, and that you let me
see what you make. Feel free to email me with
any questions you have, or if you want my
opinion on something, whatever. Just you
don't have to wait for my approval if you'd
like to make something. From what I can tell,
I've accidently killed a few projects before
by responding too slow.