Parking Validation

I don't actually know what is means to get your parking validated, so from my perspective, there's a minute chance this isn't a joke, and is just a boring out statement of fact about life. I apologize if this proves to be the case.
Hey you people who like my comic and care enough to read these blurbs, I want to pick your brain about something. If I were to hypothetically (not that hypothetically) draw a short story comic, say 8ish pages, would you rather I post it a page at a time as I finish them, or wait until I've finished the whole thing and then post it all at once? I have a lot of ideas for short stories, and I've been trying to decide how to present them (of the two above options) and thought maybe if someone had feedback, that would help. I personally would prefer to hold off until the whole thing's done, but that's leading to a lot of excess time between updates (and I usually end up caving and just posting one-off gag strips like above). If you have an opinion on this matter, please write to me at Connor(at)DrawingBoardComic(dot)com.

While you're at it, feel free to weigh in on this topic too: What do you think about gag comics vs. non-humorous comics (like say, the Traveler series)? Is it good to depart from the gag jokes every now and then? Would you prefer I made non-humorous comics more frequently than I am now? Would you prefer I went back to nothing but gag jokes? I get the sense that this isn't a big deal with people, but I'd still love a semi-random sampling of opinions.

Thanks everybody.