Muscle Count

Before you even ask, all the numbers are complete guesswork based of the Wikipedia entry listing all muscles in the body. I realize in retrospect how debatable the concept of quantifying muscles is in the first place, but inside my head this joke was already chugging along at full steam.
So, as per tradition, here's my explanation of where I've been this last month. I just finished taking a class here at college that involved making a comic. You see, there's this child advocacy's group called Safe Shores here in DC. Basically they're an organization that helps kids who have been through trauma in one way or another. And see, all the reading material they had for kids, things like pamphlets and magazines describing why bullying is bad or why it's okay to be sad sometimes, were really campy and the kids that were coming through their office just couldn't connect to them. So what my class tried to do was produce some reading material that would actually be useful. Just due to the nature of that task, I don't know if it's possible to make wholly non-campy material, but my group tried to tackle domestic abuse in foster homes and this is what we came up with. I, of course, don't claim ownership of this. My whole group collaborated on writing it, and there were other groups in the class doing the same thing (which is why there's a series name and issue number and that). I don't really think any of you will be interested in the content of this thing, but I figured I might as well put it up here if anyone was curious. Ultimately I just hope we could help Safe Shores in some way, they're a really amazing organization.

Also, this summer, I'm working with Elizabeth Warren's Senate campaign. She's a pretty great lady, you guys. If you can vote in Massachusetts and wouldn't mind doing me a favor, read up on this lady (and also vote for her?). I promise you, she'll make a great senator.